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check your drinking – check your thinking

check your drinking – check your thinking
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"My eyes grew heavy and my lips they could not speak. I tried to get up but I couldn’t find my feet."
(Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra)

Question by j-dog: How much of a tax refund will i get for mortgage interest paid?
in california. paid almost $ 14,000 in interest
give me a ball park figure of what this ADDS to the refund. I know its not dollar for dollar. no need to get technical
around 65k income. single.

Best answer:

Answer by tro
the mortgage interest is only part of your itemized deductions so your $ 14k of mortgage interest does not translate to an exact amount of refund

the itemized deductions total reduce your AGI to a taxable income, but not $ 1 for $ 1

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Image by eskimo_jo
It’s blurry. Whatever. I wasn’t the photographer that was getting paid, unfortunately… If I had been, I’d have brought a nice camera instead. And not been a creeper. 😉

L-R: Daniel Flaherty, Camille Crescencia-Mills, Ron Mustafaa, Jesse Carere, James Newman, Eleanor Zich, Britne Oldford, Sofia Black-d’elia, Rachel Thevenard.

‘Skins (US)’ will be premiere on MTV in January 2011.

It’s gonna be tight; I love these kids like woah & working with them was amazing. Thanks, Bryan. :)

Got my red dress on
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Image by Ed Yourdon
Well, technically, this young lady’s thermos bottle doesn’t quite match her dress … but who cares? Meanwhile, nobody else was paying any attention…

Location: this is Verdi Square, looking north towards 73rd Street and Broadway.

Note: this photo was combined with images of other people in a separate Flickr image by Women Without Borders; you can see it here. It was also published in a Mar 31, 2009 blog entitled "New York beste stad voor one-night stands." I may well have thought the photo should be published every day, but in fact it didn’t get published again until a Nov 8, 2010 blog titled "Slimming Dresses – Clever Style Makes Every Body Look Slender."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a Mar 15, 2011 blog titled "Получил свое красное платье на фотографии, что надо Корзина платье Фото."

Day 359/365 – Friday Night, Restaurant Night
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Image by Kevin H.
When I was a kid I looked forward to Friday nights, because that was the night my family always went out to dinner. I’m guessing we went out to eat on Fridays because that was the day Pops got paid. Generally we didn’t go anywhere fancy. There were about 8-10 different local restaurants that we’d take turns making the rounds of on Friday nights. Still, there was something fun and exciting about going out to eat.

Tonight I met my friend Pia for dinner at The Source, Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant and lounge in Washington, DC. Pia was running late, so I ordered myself a frou frou pear cocktail and just hung out in the lounge to wait. The photo above is of the corner booth in the lounge. I’d been wanting to try The Source for the past several months, so when Pia said she was going to be in town today and asked if I wanted to meet up with her for dinner it seemed like the perfect opportunity to check it out.

The Source is a very attractively designed space. It’s modern, but not cold or sterile. The downstairs portion is occupied by the lounge, with the restaurant upstairs. The cocktails there were very good, as were the appetizers. The entrees are just okay, but the dessert is good. Final verdict — I don’t think I’d go back to The Source for dinner, but I would certainly go there for drinks and appetizers.

(October 2, 2009)

Cops4CancerFundraiser-PacBluePrinting-RonSombilonGallery (67)
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Featured artist Ron Sombilon is proud to unveil the Cops for Cancer 2009 Art piece.

Capturing the culture, supporters, children and history of the Cops for Cancer tour.

Its message is simple. "It takes a community to Conquer Cancer".

For a donation, you will be able to pay tribute to your loved ones that have been touched by Cancer.

Ron Sombilon will place a photo of them into the finished Art work to signify that âIt takes a community to Conquer Cancerâ.

Raffle donation ticket includes

-A chance to win the Cops for Cancer 2009 Art piece valued at 00!!! – Draw will be on October 1st, 2009.

-Option to have a photo of loved ones or anyone you wish to include, placed into the Conquer Cancer 2009 Art piece.

-Your donation towards the Canadian Cancer Society.

Two easy steps

1. Buy the Raffle donation ticket online or in person at the fundraiser.

2. Send your photo to Ron Sombilon with the subject header âCops for Cancerâ to:

End childhood Cancer by becoming part of this amazing tribute to Cancer Fighters, supporters and survivors!

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Image by Mean and Pinchy
Eastern tailed blues are very common butterflies here. They’re tiny–wingspan maybe 1" (2.5cm)–and they fly low, so I see them often. I couldn’t tell what it was, but something on the ground had eleven of them collected all in a group, paying no attention to me whatsoever. They must’ve been having some party. That’s a lot of tiny and cute in one spot! :)


War loans displays, State Theatre, 20/10/1943, by Sam Hood

War loans displays, State Theatre, 20/10/1943, by Sam Hood
Image by State Library of New South Wales collection
Format: Photograph

Find out more about this photographic collection:

Search for more great images in the State Library’s collections:

From the collection of the State Library of New South Wales:

Question by : What does it mean when my student loans have a zero balance due to a claim?
My student loans are through NelNet and I received a letter from NelNet instructing me to stop making payments. The reason they give is that my student loan account has been paid by a claim and now has a zero balance. I have had student loans since 1995; but I also have filed bankruptcy. What does all this mean? What claim paid my loans off? Did I or someone else get sued for the money?

Best answer:

Answer by Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar
It means the bankruptcy wiped out the debt.

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Twin towers, Steve and Loan
Image by ourmanwhere

Vintage matchbook: Local Loans, Los Angeles
Image by coltera

Vintage matchbook: Illinois Guarantee Savings & Loan, Effingham, Illinois
Image by coltera

Vintage matchbook: Allen-Parker Auto Loans, Tampa, Florida
Image by coltera

Vintage matchbook: Loyola Federal Savings & Loan, Baltimore
Image by coltera


Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design
Web Design
Image by adactio

Question by xxxxharlequingirlxxxx: What are the differences between web design and graphic design and which career should I choose?
I am currently a junior in high school (also taking classes at the local college to get ahead) and want to have a career in some sort of computer based designing, but I can’t choose. The two I’m mainly considering are web design and graphic design. I personally would prefer being in graphic design, but I hear that the income isn’t that great, and I’m not that creative or decisive, so I’m leaning towards web design. I’m just not that sure, though.
I’m trying to find out class and skill requirements, annual salary, and maybe more details about each career. Also personal input would be great, too!

Best answer:

Answer by Nee
Web design is pretty much what it sounds like- it’s designing for the internet, whether it’s creating websites or working in programs like Flash. Also, you do have to be some what creative when designing websites, but I know some web design majors who prefer the coding part rather than the design part.

Graphic design is designing mostly for print, with some designing for the web (ex: banner ads). In graphic design you can do numerous things like working on layouts for magazines, creating logos or designing packaging for consumer goods.

As far as income goes, it all depends on where you live, how much experience you have and what your job title is. A junior designer obviously won’t be making as much as a senior designer or an art director. You’ll just have to do some of your own research to figure out how much a graphic designer makes versus a web designer.

I will tell you from personal experience that there does seem to be a lot more web design jobs out there. I majored in graphic design and although I enjoy what I do, its been really tough finding a full-time job, but hopefully the economy will get better soon!

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Staffanstorp — Responsive Web Design
Web Design
Image by axbom

Future of Web Design
Web Design
Image by marc.thiele

Chat Tab – Aureus Knights (Web Design)
Web Design
Image by Evan Sims
The upcoming redesign of my guild’s website features a redesigned, tab-based navigation experience.

Our chatroom is powered by Chatterous, so I decided to play around with their API a little for integration purposes. The first fruit of this labor is an indicator in the tab identifying how many users are currently in the chatroom.

I have a PHP script running in the backend that makes the API call and caches the result server-side. On the user’s end, an AJAX call made with jQuery pulls the cached result from the PHP script and updates the tab’s display.

June 12th Web Design Meetup
Web Design
Image by Brad Dielman

Mobile Web Design (printed)
Web Design
Image by martymadrid
I got my copy today!!! YEAH!


Nadine Immel, DigitalDay Cleveland Web Design

Nadine Immel, DigitalDay Cleveland Web Design
Web Design
Image by Mark Vitullo
Nadine Immel at DigitalDay, cleveland based web design and interactive marketing agency

Question by Amanda: What is the difference between information technology and web design?
I originally wanted to major in web design because i like the creative aspect of it, but what is the difference between the two?
Also, what should I major in if I want to design and code (html, css, PHP) sites?

Best answer:

Answer by J H
The first is the technology of information, the second is the design of web.
I hope this as helped

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Laura Sczarek, DigitalDay Cleveland Web Design
Web Design
Image by Mark Vitullo
Laura Sczarek at DigitalDay, cleveland based web design and interactive marketing agency

Voices That Matter Web Design #VTM_WD
Web Design
Image by ocjess
*The end*

Voices That Matter Web Design Conference 2010 in San Francisco, CA.


Voices That Matter Web Design #VTM_WD
Web Design
Image by ocjess
Todd Parker talks about Designing with Progressive Enhancement: Building the Web That Works for Everyone

Voices That Matter Web Design Conference 2010 in San Francisco, CA.


Voices That Matter Web Design #VTM_WD
Web Design
Image by ocjess
Emily Lewis explains Practical Microformats

Voices That Matter Web Design Conference 2010 in San Francisco, CA.


Voices That Matter Web Design #VTM_WD
Web Design
Image by ocjess
My room at Hotel Palomar.

Voices That Matter Web Design Conference 2010 in San Francisco, CA.



Mile High City

Mile High City
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Image by Lawrence Whittemore
another photo i took in denver to make an HDR out but never got around to do untill now.*

Question by ∆ liberal høm˚∆: How many Twitter followers do you need to start getting paid for your accounts success?
I know on YouTube you can get paid for your views.
How many Twitter followers to you need to obtain to get paid for your Twitter success?

Best answer:

Answer by Giggity
Twitter doesn’t pay you, if you post ads, the ad companies pay you. I’d say you’d need somewhere in excess of 150000 followers

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Need Money for Beer, Drugs, Hooker (Hey, At Least I’m not BULLSHITTIN’ You) 4:20
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Image by horizontal.integration
May 25, 2007 | NYC – Trying to get this photo printed in JPG Magazine. JPG is about user content and it is voted on. If you have time please vote on it.

Since it seems this week we are focusing on male waistlines, today I give you this…
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Image by Malingering
I hope that belt is getting paid well.

Detroit’s Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Indicted… Convicted!… RESIGNS!
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Image by “CAVE CANEM”

King Kwame Indicted Convicted! RESIGNES!

Update: Dateline Sept. 4 2008

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge David Groner presided over the court case in which Kilpatrick agreed to plead guilty to two felony counts of obstruction of justice by committing perjury.

Part of the plea agreement includes immediate resignation within 14 days; restitution payments totaling million; and four months in jail.

The court will asses the million restitution fee based on how much Kilpatrick already has and how much he can pay.

Kilpatrick will be sentenced Oct. 28 at 2 p.m.

Kilpatrick is barred from running for public office for five years, according to the plea deal.

He will also have to hand over his law license and turn over his state pension to the city of Detroit.

Groner read aloud all of the charges against Kilpatrick and told him all but two would be dismissed.

He also asked Kilpatrick several questions regarding his guilty plea, and whether he was doing it on his own willingness and whether he was satisfied with what was taking place.

Groner asked Kilpatrick if he understood he was giving up the right to be innocent until proven guilty.

"I gave that up a long time ago," Kilpatrick replied.

Kilpatrick answered each question and stated that he knew exactly what was taking place and was agreeing to plead guilty.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick read the following statement in Wayne County Circuit Court on Thursday as part of his plea agreement in a perjury and misconduct case:

"I lied under oath in the case of Gary Brown and Harold Nelthrope versus the city of Detroit, Case No. 03317557NZ, regarding information that was relevant to claims made by Gary Brown and Harold Nelthrope. I did so with an intent to mislead the court and jury and to impede and obstruct the fair administration of justice.

"I lied under oath at a civil deposition for the Brown-Nelthrope lawsuit on Oct. 11, 2004 in the city of Detroit. I also lied under oath in the civil jury trial in the Nelthrope-Brown lawsuit in the Wayne County Circuit Court on Aug. 29, 2007."

Kilpatrick, 38, is in his second four-year term as mayor. He was charged with 10 felonies in two cases.

In a letter sent to Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm early Thursday afternoon, Kilpatrick said his resignation will be effective Sept. 18, 2008.

Good Riddance to bad Rubbish



Dateline Monday March 24, 2008,

The tenacious Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced a 12-count criminal indictment against Detroit’s Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (the Idi Amin of the midwest), and former Detroit Chief of Staff Christine Beatty, Listed below are the 8 felony charges (to date) against the mayor.

Charges Filed Against Kilpatrick
• Count 1: Conspiracy to obstruct justice (5-year maximum sentence)
• Count 2: Obstruction of justice. Accused of firing Detroit Deputy Police Chief Gary Brown as part of an effort to illegally hamper a criminal investigation and committing perjury to hide the firing of Brown or a relationship between the mayor and Beatty. (5-year maximum sentence)
• Count 3: Misconduct in office. Accused of firing Brown to hamper a criminal probe of Kilpatrick’s personal conduct or the conduct of his security unit and committing perjury to hide the firing. (5-year maximum sentence)
• Count 4: Misconduct in office. Accused of authorizing the city to settle a whistle-blowers’ lawsuit with the motive of preventing the release of text messages showing the mayor and his aide lied under oath. (5-year maximum sentence)
• Count 5: Perjury in court. Accused of lying under oath in August 2007 by saying he did not fire Brown, did not know Brown was investigating him or a rumored party at the mayor’s official residence and testifying falsely as to other circumstances surrounding the termination of Brown. (15-year maximum sentence)
• Count 6: Perjury in court. Accused of falsely testifying in August 2007 that he didn’t have a romantic or sexual relationship with Beatty. (15-year maximum sentence)
• Count 7: Perjury outside of court. Accused of swearing falsely before a notary public in June 2003 as to the circumstances surrounding the "un-appointment" of Brown. (15-year maximum sentence)
• Count 8: Perjury outside court. Accused of swearing falsely before a notary public in October 2004 as to the circumstances surrounding the "un-appointment" of Brown. (15-year maximum sentence)

And just to “add insult to injury” she had a bit of fierce commentary on what he should have learned as a 5 year old,

”…tell the truth, take responsibility for your actions, admit when your wrong,
play fair and be fair, don’t take or use things that aren’t yours, and there are consequences for bad behavior.”

– Kim Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor

I mean most of us learned this as stuff children right? Hizzoner should have known better on multiple levels, he did go to go to law school? Truth be told this couldn’t have happen to a nicer guy.


Rights and Use Notice.
All rights ultimately belong to me and and can be enforced at will
that said…
You want to print it out and hang it in a cube, do it.
You want to add this to your blog, go for it
News services think this will add “kick” to your editorial/article about the indicted regime online or dead tree edition feel free to make use it.( photo credit Cave Canem)
I don’t give my permission to use any of these on t-shirts mugs etc. without written consent.

I expressly deny permission to use any of my work, to in anyway to support, help humanize or to make in anyway sympathetic this “one of America’s worst mayors”

A date w/ a geek 02: When you are going out on a date with a geek, you can’t leave for a night out without checking email. SEXY! Geek girlfriend…=)
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Image by colorblindPICASO
You might notice I have a lot of pictures of Sarah’s back. There could be three reasons for that. 1) it is pretty 2) she mistakenly believes turning away is an avoidance strategy for picture time 3) she told me FIFTEEN minutes ago she was ready to leave, so I am now paying her back.

Windows XP, hard at work in Rome
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Image by A.H.M.
You’d think the people who get paid to make these things would get the idea after a while.


Proxies at CLUB NME VS REDFEST | KOKO London

Proxies at CLUB NME VS REDFEST | KOKO London
Image by neil_mach

Question by : How to use foxy proxy or any other proxies?
I have downloaded and installed foxy proxy onto mozilla firefox and I am wondering if it is possible to route the information through multiple proxies rather than just one. If so, can you please explain how. Also, if it is not possible, could you please direct me to some other program that would allow this.

Best answer:

Answer by Ribbon

Add your own answer in the comments!

Proxies at CLUB NME VS REDFEST | KOKO London
Image by neil_mach

Proxies at CLUB NME VS REDFEST | KOKO London
Image by neil_mach

Proxies at CLUB NME VS REDFEST | KOKO London
Image by neil_mach

Proxies at CLUB NME VS REDFEST | KOKO London
Image by neil_mach

Proxies at CLUB NME VS REDFEST | KOKO London
Image by neil_mach
2012 All images strictly © Neil_Mach

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Patience Pays Off

Patience Pays Off
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Image by Phil’s 1stPix
Or maybe it doesn’t… but getting upset about the traffic back-up will only lead to high blood pressure. Don’t Drive Angry. FAQ

Question by ding dong: What is the minimum number of views required to get paid from youtube? And what is the minimum amount they pay?
What is the minimum number of views required to get paid from youtube? And what is the minimum amount they pay?

Best answer:

Answer by Vanessa
To see any real money, you will need to go waaaay over 100,000 views. You can actually buy human views (that count for YouTube advertising pay) from services like Mohr Publicity. They will send up to 1 million views to you in 10 days or so. But it costs money, so how does that help? Well, at least it makes you popular-LOL Go with a good company so your youtube views count:

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ready to climb down
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Image by Pedro Moura Pinheiro
Being on top of a 31 meter power pylon;
Having climbed there by myself with the 5D Mk II + Sigma 150-500 + Sigma 2x converter + Sigma 12-24;
Getting paid to do it: priceless. :-)

(I was there with permission, safety equipment, and the line was offline – don’t try this without these conditions, kids)
Original uploaded size

My portfolio

Shotley, 6 March 2010
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Image by ed_needs_a_bicycle
Apologies for lack of pictures, commenting etc. etc. I am currently working at two jobs – a historical research job which takes me into London daily to spend hours getting paid to sit in archives (i.e. my dream job, shame it’s only a short term contract…) and the teaching job I started in January. I’m also applying for history jobs and funding left, right and centre, which leaves me with very little free time for the time being.

Shoes are the right choice on campus
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Image by jeremyfoo
Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s footwear campaign.

That’s Daphne Khoo from Singapore Idol. Wonder how much she got paid for this.

79/365 – When did you fall in love with me?
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Image by bp6316
For Day 79 of 365. And for TRP "The Dark Place". And for tell it with a song. Oh, and of course for Today’s Random Fact.

Today’s random fact: I have a bit of an obsession with going above and beyond. There aren’t many things in life where I don’t feel like I should do something more and help someone out more than expected. So I found myself again tonight in the giant dog mascot costume at a hockey game. It’s not my job, but I like helping the company out by doing it. It’s exhausting and draining and all that at the same time. And it’s volunteer. I don’t get paid for that time or anything.

But I love it. It’s who I am. I’m told that this characteristic is one of the reasons I’m so likeable. Those aren’t my words, by the way, I’m not that cocky. 😉


"When Did You Fall in Love" by Chris Rice

You’re all smiles and silly conversation
As if this sunny day came just for you
You twist your hair, you smile and you turn your eyes away
C’mon, tell me what’s right with you
Now it dawns on me probably everybody’s talkin’
And there’s something here I’m supposed to realize
‘Cause your secret’s out, and the universe laughs at it’s joke on me
I just caught it in your eyes, it’s a beautiful surprise

When did you fall in love with me?
Was it out of the blue
‘Cause I swear I never knew it
When did you let your heart run free?
Have you been waiting long?
When did you fall in love with me?
When did you fall in love?

Make your way over here, sit down by this fool, and let’s rewind
C’mon, let’s go back and replay all our scenes
You can point out the hints, the clues, the twists and the smiles this time
All the ones that slipped by me
I bet my face is red, and you can hear my heart poundin’
Well I guess it don’t matter now that I realize
‘Cause baby I missed it then, but I can surely see you now
Right there before my eyes
You’re my beautiful surprise

Was it at the coffee shop
Or that morning at the bus stop
When you almost slipped, and I caught your hand
Or the time we built the snowman
The day at the beach, sandy and warm
Or the night with the scary thunderstorm
I never saw the signs
Now we’ve got to make up for lost time
And I can tell now by the way that you’re looking at me
I’d better finish this song so my lips will be free

Have you been waiting long, when did you fall in love
I kept you waiting so long, when did you fall
Have you been waiting long
When did you fall in love with me
When did you fall in love?

Lazy Jack
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Image by simonsterg
This is a departure for my stream…

This piece of ironwork by Jean Hubert of Croix des Bouquets, Haiti was one of a number he made to illustrate local tales and stories brought from Wales by Daniel Morden . (Daniel Morden writes "The story of the creation of these illustrations also resembles a fairy tale. Like so many heroes and heroines, Jean was set a seemingly impossible task. In this instance, our hero had to produce fifteen images from flattened oil drums in just three days. Not only did he complete the taks, but the quality of his work surpassed our expectations.") The pieces were auctioned at the Beyond the Border storytelling festival. I bought this because Lazy Jack is a story I like a lot. You must know it…

There was once a princess who, sadly, had never laughed. She came down sadly to breakfast, ate lunch without once smiling and had dinner in sadness. Nothing that ever came to the palace could cheer her up.
Not far from the palace was a forest. And in the forest a woman lived in a hut with her son Jack.
Now Jack was lazy. He spent a great deal of time lying down and never ever did any work.
One day his mother could stand it no more. “Jack,” she said, “you don’t do any of the work. I dig, I clean, I cook, and you just lie there. It’s time you got a job.”
“Okay mother,” said Jack. He dressed and set out to look for work.
It wasn’t long before he saw a farmer at work in the fields.
“Do you have a job for me?” asked Jack.
“Yes I do,” said the farmer, and he set him to work digging.
At the end of the day he gave him a penny, which in those days was worth a lot more than it is now. Jack was very pleased with his first wages and proudly set off home.
On the way he saw a girl who also had a penny. She was flipping it up in the air and catching it. Jack tried to copy her.
He was beginning to master the flipping and catching when he came to a bridge over a river. He flipped, the coin went up, came down, bounced on his hand, and fell over the side of the bridge and down down into the deep water.
When Jack got home he told his mother about his day’s work.
“And what did you get as wages?” she asked.
“A penny.”
“Where is it then?”
And Jack told his mother about how he had lost the penny.
She crossed her arms and shook her head. “You know, you should have put it in your pocket. Will you remember to do that tomorrow, Jack?”
“Yes mother,” said Jack.
The next day came and Jack went back to work on the farm. At the end of the day the farmer gave him a jug of milk. Remembering what his mother had told him, he tried to fit the jug of milk in his pocket. When it didn’t fit he simply poured the milk into his pocket.
When he got home he knocked at the door and his mother opened it.”
“What have you done, Jack?” she asked, folding her arms and looking at his very wet trouser leg.
“The farmer gave me milk, and I put it in my pocket like you told me,” he said.
She shook her head. “Jack, you should have carried it home on your head. Will you remember that tomorrow?”
Jack nodded and the following morning went off to work again. This time the farmer gave him a block of butter as pay.
“Now, I must get this right this time,” said Jack to himself, “it must go on my head.”
So he put the butter on his head. But it was a hot day, and on hot days butter melts, and soon the butter was dribbling down Jack’s face and neck. When he arrived home he looked very messy indeed.
His mum shook her head. “What have you been doing?” she said.
“I got paid a block of butter, and I put it on my head like you said.”
His mother crossed her arms. “You should have carried it home in your arms,” she said, and Jack promised he would remember to do so the next time.
After the next day’s work Jack was given a cat.
“To keep the mice away,” said the farmer. Jack, remembering his mother’s advice held the cat.
But it wriggled, and when he held it tighter, it bit him and scratched him. When he arrived home his mother opened the door and saw how scratched his hands were and how torn his sleeves were. Folding her arms and shaking her head, she said, “Jack, you should have tied a string round its neck and lead it home. Will you remember that tomorrow?”
Jack nodded and the next day after his day’s work the farmer paid him with a side of meat. Jack remembered his mother’s advice and tied a string around it and dragged it home.
Only it didn’t get home, because some dogs smelled the meat, and came and ate it. When Jack arrived all that was left was some bones on the end of a string.
After folding her arms and shaking her head, his mother said that he shouldn’t have brought the meat home that way. “Remember this tomorrow, Jack; you should have carried it on your shoulder.”
Jack promised that he would, and the following day the farmer rewarded him for his work with a donkey. Remembering his mother’s instructions Jack managed with a struggle to get the donkey up on his shoulders.
His way home took him past the palace. Jack was struggling along with the donkey on his back just as the princess who had never laughed looked out of her window.
You can guess what happened, even if you’ve never heard the tale before. She saw the donkey riding on Jack’s back instead of the other way round, and she laughed. She laughed and she laughed and she laughed.
When the king and queen heard this they quickly sent down to the street to find whoever had caused the princess to laugh. Jack was found lying underneath his donkey. His mother was sent for and when she came, she and Jack were invited into the palace.
And there they stayed, never again hungry or cold, and they all lived happily ever after.


First Webserver

First Webserver
Image by Arenamontanus
The world’s first webserver.

Question by GS3Central: How Do I set up a WebServer on my home PC?
I know about these two programs.

Abyss webserver
Apache webserver

I am looking for more eaiser to use programs.
I dont mind the cost, I am looking for the program.

Is it possible to get a program to host my website. With nice tools like Counters and stats and all that stuff.

Please, I know that just renting a server is better, but I am looking for setting up a server on my own computer. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by dawagnersjca
Search for a book at Are you running a Unix variant or Linux?

Give your answer to this question below!

Setting up the new webserver
Image by cyberfux

The first webserver ever
Image by polapix
Tim Berners Lees Nextstation at CERN
Polaroid SX-70 / 600 outdated 07/09
27.November 2009

Drop in CPU
Image by jspaw
Webserver CPU…anyone guess what the drop is from? (Flickr Staff, don’t answer :) )

Another hint here.

ANSWER IS: php5. :)

Apache on My iPod Touch
Image by reinvented
The Apache webserver running on my iPod touch.

pacific and Turq
Image by K·FREE
My webserver and my dog outside the bathroom door.

Sent from my iPwn. Apologies for typos.


Persistence Pays

Persistence Pays
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Image by Jean in TX
The squirrel finally figured out how to get into the birdfeeder. Darn squirrel… he’s scaring away all my birds! Better to view large.

Question by candlelite: what is the difference in being paid a salary and being paid hourly?
1.Which will pay more?
2. If workers are not working every day of the month do they need to be paid by the hour or a salary.(11 or 12 days each month)
3.Any more information you can provide in a clear answer I greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for the responses.Please make sure you definitely include the second question in your responses as well.

Best answer:

Answer by Kelly Y
being paid hourly means you get paid only for the hours you work but also get paid overtime pay when you work enough hours. salary pay means you get paid your regular 40 hours a week pay even if you call in sick or take vacation time but you rarely get paid time and a half. if you work more than 44 hrs per week you still only get straight time pay

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Month Of… Outtakes: The sudden fanclub
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Image by Aidensdame
"Are you a model?"
"Do you get paid for it?"
"Can I take a picture with you?"

A photoshoot can only last so long at my house because the neighborhood children seem to swarm in like a crowd of…

The Other Great White Sturgeon
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Image by SFBoater
Full Story: The Great White Sturgeon

Win 0 for your Pictures with Fish: Get Paid for Fish Stories/

Creative Commons License with attribution to with link to full story.

The Great White Sturgeon
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Image by SFBoater
Full Story: The Great White Sturgeon

Win 0 for your Pictures with Fish: Get Paid for Fish Stories/

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I Ate the World Record Wahoo?
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Image by SFBoater
Full Story: I Ate the World Record Wahoo

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booth babes…
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Image by marioanima
not to be confused with Cosplayers…the difference? these ladies get paid to play dress up…


Day 22- This Phone is Tapped

Day 22- This Phone is Tapped
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Image by Jinx!
Day 22- This Phone is Tapped

Getting my morning coffee at the local gas and grab, and the rarely used pay phone caught my eye- the sticker is from a organization called CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective- which, in what I can gather, is an anarchist group…..I always smile when I think about anarchists doing anything organized!

Their site- for informational purposes only. I’m not affiliated with them….yet 😉

Question by Raul D: How often do you get paid in the air force? And when do you usually get a rank upgrade?
Do you get paid twice a month? Usually when does your rank go up? And how often do you get a pay raise?

Best answer:

Answer by Masterofnone
You can get paid twice or one a month, the twice just splitting the once a month. Your rank goes up automatically for the first few years, and then it depends on how well you’re doing and if your worth promoting. You get a pay raise when you rank up and the more time you spend in.

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Sexual Behavior in the HUMAN MALE (1948) …item 2.. ANSWERS — SAT TEST CHEATING (October 27, 2011) …item 3.. Atomic Dog [Original Extended Version] – George Clinton (1982) …
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Image by marsmet523
“Colleges look for the best and brightest students, yet these six defendants tried to cheat the system and may have kept honest and qualified students from getting into their dream school,” Rice said.

……..*****All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..
…..item 1)…. CBS … NEW YORK …

7 Arrested For Alleged SAT Cheating Ring At Great Neck North High School
Educator: Pressure On Kids Massive; Attorney: District, Not Courts, Should Rule

September 27, 2011 11:58 PM

img code photo…19-year-old Samuel Eshaghoff…

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)


MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Seven former and current students of a prestigious Long Island high school were arrested Tuesday in an alleged SAT cheating ring.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced that six Great Neck North High School students had paid 19-year-old Samuel Eshaghoff thousands of dollars to take the SAT for them.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera with the details of the case

Eshaghoff, who graduated from the high school in 2010 and is currently enrolled at Emory University in Atlanta, was paid between ,500 and ,500 per student. He has been arrested and charged with scheme to defraud, falsifying business records and criminal impersonation.

Eshaghoff faces up to four years in prison if convicted, but his attorney said there’s no way this alleged scam should end up in a court room. Bail was set at ,000 for Eshaghoff.

“Even if something happened it happened within school grounds, under age, should be handled administratively within school. Across the U.S. no one has ever had a case go to criminal court due to cheating or alleged cheating in an exam,” Matin Emouna told CBS 2′s Jennifer McLogan.

Photo Gallery: Suspects Arrested In SAT Scam

SAT Scam Arrests…


Rice said the six students accused of hiring Eshaghoff have also been arrested and face misdemeanor charges. They have not been identified because of their ages and all six of them were arraigned and released on their own recognizance.

“Colleges look for the best and brightest students, yet these six defendants tried to cheat the system and may have kept honest and qualified students from getting into their dream school,” Rice said.

Rice said the students registered to take the test at a different school so they would not be known by the proctors and then Eshaghoff would present unofficial identification with his photo and the paying student’s name on it.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria With More On The Story

Rice said the students got caught because their SAT scores were so much higher than their school grades, some with as high as 2200 out of a perfect 2400, reports CBS 2′s McLogan. Rice is recommending that all schools who know a student who has cheated on the SAT notify the college the student has applied to.

“The goal here is not only to hold those accountable for their wrongdoing, but to level the playing field for all of the students who play by the rules,” Rice said.

Eshaghoff apparently also took the test at no charge for a female student.

An investigation is currently underway into whether similar scams occurred in at least two other Nassau County high schools, as well as allegations that Eshaghoff took the SAT exam for students of other high schools. Rice would not name those schools.

WCBS 880′s Peter Haskell On The Story

The Great Neck School District released a statement saying it “does not tolerate cheating” and remains “committed to cooperating with law enforcement in the matter.”

“It is our hope that the actions currently being taken by the DA’s Office will serve to bring an end to any dishonest practices which may have placed students at an unfair disadvantage and will also bring to light any shortcomings in the security of the SAT testing system,” district officials said in the statement.

Great Neck educator Barbara Rothman tried to explain how this could have happened.

“There is a tremendous amount of pressure on these students in a town like Great Neck,” Rothman told McLogan.

Many students were defensive.

“I don’t think they should be arrested. I think the school should be taking care of it, not the court,” Nicole Nicholis said.

Rice demanded Education Testing Service, the non-profit that administers the test, make other immediate security changes like matching photos and handwriting. Late Tuesday night the ETS said it will comply immediately.

If convicted, what do you think is the appropriate punishment in this case? Let us know below…
…..item 2)…. THE HUFFINGTON POST …

October 27, 2011

SAT Officials To Testify At NY Cheating Ring Hearing

img code photo….ANSWERS

FRANK ELTMAN 10/25/11 04:07 PM ET … AP

(All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)


FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — A security firm run by the former director of the FBI has been retained to review security – and will recommend changes – on standardized testing procedures following an SAT cheating scandal on New York’s Long Island, officials with the nonprofit organizations behind the tests said Tuesday.

The officials from The College Board and Educational Testing Service made the announcement at a hearing of the New York state Senate’s subcommittee on higher education. The ETS administers the SAT on behalf of the Princeton, N.J.-based College Board.

Sen. Kenneth LaValle, the subcommittee chairman, convened the hearing after seven current or former students at Great Neck North High School were arrested last month. Authorities said six of the students had an older college student who had attended the high school take their exams in their place in a quest for better scores.

The scandal surfaced when teachers at the school heard rumors of the scheme earlier this year and found that some of the student scores were far better than their high school grades had been previously.

LaValle and others have questioned test security procedures in the wake of the scandal, particularly focusing on the allegation that the accused impersonator, 19-year-old Samuel Eshaghoff, allegedly posed as a female during one of the tests. Eshaghoff also is accused of accepting payments of up to ,500 for taking the tests. He and the other six, who are accused of misdemeanors, have all pleaded not guilty.

LaValle noted in remarks at the start of the hearing that there is increasing pressure on students to perform well on the tests, which are used by many universities as criteria for admission.

"Education is critically important," LaValle said. "It gives one a ticket to their success. This committee and our legislature and our society cannot tolerate where one group of students play by different rules that give them an advantage over other students. Sadly, the losers in this are the honest, hard-working students who play by the rules."

He said he will introduce legislation early next year to change existing laws that sometimes prevent the College Board or ETS from notifying schools when allegations of cheating have been confirmed.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, who filed criminal charges in the Great Neck case, said her investigation has widened to other high schools – both public and private schools – and more arrests are expected. She was initially expected to testify at the hearing, but withdrew because of potential conflicts with the ongoing investigation.

Former West Virginia Gov. Gaston Caperton, who is now the president of The College Board, said the cheating scandal has prompted an international review of security testing procedures. He said Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC, which was founded by former FBI director Louis J. Freeh, has been retained to assist with security concerns.

Caperton insisted that impostors taking SATs for another student is a rarity. He said security changes being considered include a review of what would be acceptable ID information and possibly using digital photography at testing sites. He did not provide a timetable for when Freeh’s company would make recommendations, but appeared willing to accede to whatever changes are suggested.

LaValle sought assurances that the cost of any security upgrades not be passed along to students taking the test. Caperton’s spokesman, Peter Kauffmann, said it is too early to know whether additional costs would be incurred.

The College Board, which charges for the test, has faced criticism from some educators over fees. This year it says it granted fee waivers to 350,000 students – an increase of 77 percent in the last four years – because of the weak economy.

Bernard Kaplan, the principal at Great Neck North, criticized the lack of security procedures employed by the College Board and ETS. But he said he could not answer questions, citing the ongoing prosecution case involving his school. He noted that Eshaghoff did not allegedly take the tests at Great Neck North, but went elsewhere so he wouldn’t be recognized. Some senators have questioned the effectiveness of allowing students to take the exam at locations other than at their own high schools; something that is currently permitted.

"Many, many educators have come to believe that the SATs are over used, over emphasized, and generally given much more credibility than they warrant," Kaplan said. "In fact, what SATs measure best is how well you will do on your next SATs."

Kaplan added: "Very simply, ETS has made it very easy to cheat, very difficult to get caught, and has failed to include schools in the process."

Another critic of standardized testing contended that more can be done to improve test security.

Bob Schaeffer of FairTest, said photos of all students should be taken when they arrive at a school to take the SAT, something that Caperton said is now being considered.

"As the Great Neck scandal demonstrates, the current level of security is inadequate," he said. "Savvy students can circumvent these minimal protections with relative ease, particularly by using modern technologies to forge identity cards, covertly copy exam materials, or secretly transmit correct answers."
…..item 3)… youtube video … Atomic Dog [Original Extended Version] – George Clinton (1982) …

9:55 mintues

Uploaded by djbuddyloveoldschool on Mar 13, 2010

"Atomic Dog" is a song by George Clinton from his 1982 solo album "Computer Games". The track was released as a single in December of 1982. The single failed to reach the Top 100 of the Pop Chart at all, though it has arguably attained greater popular stature over the years since its release.

George Clinton’s P-Funk Collective reached its commercial and conceptual height in 1976 with the release of the Parliament album "Mothership Connection" and a series of spectacular concert tours. However, as the band and their concept of funk grew, the organization became entangled in internal dissension, legal disputes, and creative exhaustion. "Atomic Dog" was the P-Funk Collective’s last single to reach #1 on the U.S. R&B chart. According to Clinton, most of the song’s lyrics were ad-libbed during the recording process.

Although "Atomic Dog" is now regarded a classic in American popular music, and the rhythmic hook from "Atomic Dog" has been widely sampled by other musicians, it was held back from radio stations at first. George Clinton’s bad reputation in the industry, his political consciousness (as seen in his previous albums and recordings), and a general move towards more youthful-looking acts, kept his songs from being circulated on radio stations.

Only after very strong sales was the song finally put on the air. The single "Atomic Dog" was released in December of 1982 and reached #1 on the R&B charts, but peaked at #101 on the pop chart.

This channel is dedicated to all the great ‘old school’ R&B music I grew up with, the stuff that originally made me tap my feet and want to be a DJ. Funk, soul, disco, R&B, dance, hip-hop, pop . . . 60s, 70s, 80s . . . whatever you call it, it’s all ‘Old School’ and it’s all here!

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All Rights Reserved



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Girls greet competitors at bottom of ramp.
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Image by LifeInMegapixels
Literally getting paid to stand around and look good…

From the 2011 Relentless Freeze Festival at Battersea power station.

Pay Attention to Your Customers
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Image by Kevin Krejci
Autoresponders don’t seem to catch sarcasm very well… After years of complaining to American Airlines and not getting heard (despite being a platinum frequent flyer), Kevin Ryan wrote something nice, then finally got a response from their robot! (Or who knows, maybe it was a clueless human…)

From presentation by Kevin Ryan, CEO of Motivity Marketing

Newsweek Magazine (February 16, 2009) … Lenders Add Bigger Fannie, Freddie Fee – Thanks to Payroll Tax Cut (January 15, 2012) …item 2.. Dupuy: GOP trying to sell pyrmaid scheme to voters (September 3, 2012) …
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Image by marsmet526
But the model — the idea of those at the bottom sacrificing their retirement benefits (pensions, Social Security, Medicare, etc.) so that the top tier can pay even less in taxes — is what the Romney/Ryan ticket is peddling. Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney wants to cut taxes for the wealthy. Congressman Paul Ryan, the vice presidential half of the ticket, has proposed a budget that would shrink benefits to give the savings in the form of a tax cut to the highest brackets.

…….***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..

The increase in the mortgage fee is to pay for the roughly billion package the Senate approved last month to extend a 2 percentage point payroll tax cut for another two months. About 160 million people benefit from that tax

…..item 1)…. eCreditDaily … … Your Resource for Financial Empowerment

Lenders Add Bigger Fannie, Freddie Fee – Thanks to Payroll Tax Cut
01.15.2012 by Staff

img code photo … mortgage-financing…


Lenders are already adding an increase in fees on mortgages backed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration to new loans – a hike that will pay for the extension of the payroll tax cut.

The fee increase of 0.1 of a percentage point is to be added to all loans that Fannie and Freddie buy from April 1 to Oct. 1, 2021.

But lenders are already adding the increased fee to loan price structuring since it can take months to close a loan and deliver it to the two mortgage-financing companies taken over by the U.S. government three years ago.

The increase in the mortgage fee is to pay for the roughly billion package the Senate approved last month to extend a 2 percentage point payroll tax cut for another two months. About 160 million people benefit from that tax cut.

But the mortgage fee increase is good for the life of new mortgages and refinancing – about 90 percent of U.S. mortgages are financed or backed by the government-sponsored companies. Existing mortgages are not affected.

“Think of it as a back-door tax increase,” writes Peter G. Miller, a syndicated real estate writer and operator of “While the public was watching the payroll debate in Washington, Congress was actually increasing the cost to finance or refinance a home.”

The Fannie/Freddie fee would rise about 0.1 percent to an average of 0.3 percentage point. It would amount to about a month more on a 0,000 mortgage ­– that’s 0 a year.

Congress has also directed the FHA to increase its annual mortgage insurance premium by .10 percent – from 1.15 percent to 1.25 percent for most borrowers.

Homeowners would have the fee increases worked into their mortgage.

The mortgage providers would then send that additional revenue to the U.S. Treasury, which already extends an open credit line to Fannie and Freddie to cover quarterly losses. That bailout tab is expected to reach 0 billion this year.
…..item 2)…. Online Athens … Athens Banner-Herald …


Dupuy: GOP trying to sell pyrmaid scheme to voters
By TINA DUPUYpublished Monday, September 3, 2012…

A few years ago, I had a friend who didn’t want anyone to know she was going to therapy. Instead, she would announce at her place of business she was leaving to attend her Amway meeting. At one point I had to inform her, “You know that doesn’t make you look any less crazy, right?”

The classic multi-level marketing program — or pyramid scheme — is where one guy at the top convinces people at the bottom to give money to the people at the top. The hope is that the guys in the middle will recruit enough people under them to move from the middle to the top — hence the pyramid shape. The model is, clearly and provably, unsustainable. Only a couple of people (those at the top) do well. Everyone else gets ripped off.

In fairness, Amway has massaged its methods enough to not qualify as the illegal type of pyramid scheme. It’s now the more legal type of pyramid scheme.

But the model — the idea of those at the bottom sacrificing their retirement benefits (pensions, Social Security, Medicare, etc.) so that the top tier can pay even less in taxes — is what the Romney/Ryan ticket is peddling. Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney wants to cut taxes for the wealthy.

Congressman Paul Ryan, the vice presidential half of the ticket, has proposed a budget that would shrink benefits to give the savings in the form of a tax cut to the highest brackets.

What didn’t work in the Bush years to strengthen the middle-class (evident by their Lost Decade), they tell us will work this time. Or as veep-pick also-ran, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., put it, “We have never been a nation of haves and have-nots. We are a nation of haves and soon-to-haves.”

No, actually, we are a nation of haves and have-nots. We have the worst wealth inequality of all industrialized nations. Our poverty rate is the highest in more than 50 years at 15.7 percent. Contrast that with the top 1 percent of Americans who own nearly half — 42 percent — of the nation’s wealth. Also, that same top 1 percent only has 5 percent of the nation’s debt. So 99 percent of Americans own 58 percent of the pie and have 95 percent of the debt. We’re fatter, sicker, further in debt and using the most illegal drugs in the world — all signs that Americans have become overspent from bad economic policies.

But the haves — these demigods of capitalism — won’t trickle their wealth down to us because of “uncertainty in the market” according to Republicans. Therefore we bribe them with an even lower tax rate.
Instead of calling it “trickle down” which has been largely panned for decades — the new term is “not punishing success.”

“If your priority in this country is to punish success, vote for President Obama,” said offshore account holder Mitt Romney.

If the rich get richer, we’re not getting thinner, healthier, solvent and off the crack cocaine. If the rich get richer, the middle-class doesn’t get more stable.

If the rich get richer, the working poor don’t get pulled out of poverty. If the rich get richer — they just get richer and park their money in Luxembourg (where at least their money will be near universal health care).

We’re actually not a nation of haves at all. If you go by a simple majority — or even a supermajority — we’re a nation of have-nots. Have-nots being sold on a fantasy of wealth trickling down if we’re nice enough to the haves.

Trickle-down economics is a pyramid scheme. It’s the rich telling us if we just recruit others to believe in the con, then we will become the rich, too.

It’s a lie.

• Tina Dupuy is an award-winning writer and editor-in-chief of Send email to

Gas Man at Kings Cross
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Image by :: gw1 ::
Taken by the payphones at Kings Cross St. Pancras Underground Station. He got quite a lot of looks from the commuters. He was later stopped and searched under the Terrorism Act but not arrested.


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