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Learning More About Network Equipment For the home users, they can make use of the many networking equipment on sale. For the novice, you may find it challenging to understand the naming as well as the specifications. This guide will help you identify the different terms, names, and specifications so that it would be easier for you to make the right decisions when setting your home or office network. If you will talk about network, it has many computer devices which can connect to each other when it comes to sharing information and data. Networks these days are not just for computers and laptops because of the modern advances; it is also for televisions, stereo, and mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones. Before the invention of wireless technology, networks are wired. Thus, the computer devices need to make use of the cable wires to connect them with each other and share information or data. You cannot move the devices to what you want. That’s why the home network before is impractical not to mention that you need to drill holes.
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As a result, wireless networking was born. These days, there is improvement with the speed which is why the networking of equipment becomes easy and reliable.
Getting Down To Basics with Equipment
You should determine the speed as this is important before you set up the networking in your house or office. In wired networks, there are only 3 speeds. The measurement of this is the Mbps or Megabits per second. These days 10 Mbps is no longer reliable. 100 Mbps is acceptable as long as you will not use the multimedia because these files are large and can consume lots of network bandwidth. If you will set up a network in your house or office, you can find four wireless standards. The latest standard may now operate with the speed of 100 Mbps. This should be the standard to be used when using the wireless network. You should know the different parts of the network equipment. Wired network needs a specific cable to work. In order for the cables to be connected, the network equipment should have a port. There are also other types of network cables. You also need the network switches. This is needed in order for the many devices to be connected to each other using the network cables. You may find them with different sizes as well as number of built in ports. The network router is also another thing to think about. This is the traffic surrounding the network. Using the router in your house, the devices can access the internet. But you can also choose the devices which can access the internet by adding a password. Conclusion There are lots of network equipment that you can use inside the house or office. This article aims to guide you with the confusions regarding the network equipment. If you don’t know anything about the requirement, you can still proceed to your research.

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