Carbonite decor in Jabba’s Palace

Carbonite decor in Jabba’s Palace
Image by teach42

Question by : Is a Sector 9 Carbonite a good longboard to start with?
I’m just starting to get into longboarding and I want to know if a sector 9 carbonite is a good board to start off with if I’m just using it for transportaion.

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Answer by Teresa
As long as you can ride on it and it would be a plus to buy yor sector 9 some good trucks and wheels too 😀

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CARBONITE! Tomorrow he gets his surprise birthday statue!
Image by luxuryluke

lucas carbonite
Image by Jedimentat44

Soviet carbonite
Image by sbma44

Red Carbonite?
Image by B.K. Dewey

Cold Carbonite
Image by Daedalus42

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  1. Skylar
    November, 23rd 2012 at 7:53 pm

    It’s “meh”. The trucks and wheels will be pretty bad, usually, the deck isn’t anything to write home about.

    If you give it some Randal trucks and S9 Race Formula wheels, it’ll be pretty good.

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