Cloud Proxy

Surf Internet with no geographic restrictions.
Proxy DNS

No software required.
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Easy to install:

Configure the DNS of your computer to this IP:

or DOWNLOAD this program that will do it for you:

That’s all, you can now go to sites like or and enjoy.

What means “Proxy DNS”?

It’s just like any other DNS, but when you go to a website that you wouldn’t be allowed to access because of your location, the DNS takes care of that using a Cloud-based Proxy (a proxy is like a “tunnel” that bypasses any restrictions) in a way that you don’t even notice it.

No more geographic limitations in your internet browsing.
Only geographically limited websites get bypassed by Cloud-based Proxy.
All the rest of your surfing remains unaltered.
Reliable, Simple, Smart, Easy.

Watch anywhere in the world.

Internet has no frontiers.

Same simple installation no matter where you are.
Enjoy in all America and Overseas.
No more bloked sites.

Free, enjoy right away:

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