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The Values and Responsibility of Today’s Entrepreneurship

To many of us entrepreneurship and venture capitalism in general tends to evoke images of excessive wealth and greed. Recently, it has become the norm to be skeptical of the motives of traditional entrepreneurs who are so often associated with the excess that is exemplified in the venture capitalism of the 1980’s. We know today that excessive greed is one of the contributing causes to some of the world’s most difficult challenges, like climate change and the continuing exploitation of people in developing countries.

Today more and more entrepreneurship is coming to mean being a meaningful part of the solution rather than a major part of the problem. This process, though, can appear to be counter intuitive to those who follow the dictates of traditional market capitalism in which only reasonably profitable ventures should be discussed. With the kinds of challenges the world is facing today, one can no longer call any business venture that actually benefits large numbers of people unreasonable.

In today’s world we all are certainly aware that there are very many pressing challenges. Due to the magnitude of today’s challenges, there is a growing number of entrepreneurs actively seeking solutions to the biggest social and environmental problems of our time. Though this movement is growing all across the country, it can be difficult to find investors for seemingly unreasonable projects when those who control the venture capital are often still thinking within the box of traditional venture capitalism. This why there are emerging organizations that are seeking to create an environment in which socially aware entrepreneurs can work with and discuss their projects with investors and mentors who have similar views and values.

Unreasonable Institute is exactly this kind of organization. Unreasonable Institute is an institution that creates a support network for entrepreneurs who need the help of socially conscious investors and mentors to meet the very specific goal that the institute sets for every business venture they support. However, this goal is not the kind of goal that most businesses set, like a certain amount of profit made by a certain deadline for example, but rather for every venture to have an impact that is meaningful on at least one million people.

The kind of ventures that have generally been considered unreasonable by traditional business people are those that actually seek to improve the world and seek to offer people the opportunity to transcend their personal circumstances. If you have an idea that seeks to solve a pressing global challenge or an idea for a business startup that fits the description of an unreasonable venture then you should take a moment to visit the Unreasonable Institute website where you will be able to find the application and contact information that you will need to start getting your socially conscious idea off the ground.

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