Know the rules of engaging for assistance

Know what you want before you start looking for assistance. When you are on the road and you cannot trace a building you want, you ask for it by name. You don’t start asking about the services you are looking for because you know which building harbors that company. Sometimes we forget all about it when it comes to asking for assistance from our service providers. One will call the bt customer help number and start complaining about what they are going through. It may be slow broadband services, but when you start saying how you cannot get information faster than you expect, who will come to your aid? Being specific helps you to get assistance much faster. Your problem will be pinpointed when you are not babbling over how much trouble you have. What if you were dealing with a computerized version? Would you type in, ‘I forgot my password’ or would you start saying how you cannot understand the service? When you are specific in what you need, you will get help much faster. You will not have to keep going round the same mountain every time. When you don’t know what the problem is, then you can be excused. But when you don’t know how to ask for a little help, then you need to learn how to go about it. People will not be willing to help you when you scream at them. They will decide that you are not worth their time. When you don’t articulate your needs, they will find it offensive to deal with you. If you really are stranded about asking, tell it as it is. No one will think less of you because you are sure.

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