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Why You Should Integrate A Responsive Web Design Among the most interesting improvements in the ecommerce industry is the evolution of responsive web design. In this type of design, it allows an easier adjustment of websites to fit perfectly to any device’s screen size whether it is a computer, tablet or smart phone. Without disturbing its clarity, the design simply adjusts to the current layout according the screen’s actual size. In today’s era, it is pretty common to see people that are using their mobile devices like smart phones and tablet computers to search for information they need. Responsive pages have contributed a huge impact on SEO field with an intention to positively affect the website’s SEO strategies. In the following paragraphs, you are going to discover the numerous benefits of integrating a responsive design for website. Improving Local SEO Ranking – web designs that integrated a responsive feature will further improve your page’s visibility on search engines in the event that you are targeting for local keywords. Mobile devices that are introduced each passing year are a lot smarter compared to the previous units, which made a lot of people to be able to search the internet using their mobile device. By having a responsive design Google and other major search engines are able to identify which website deserves a better position in local search results.
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On the other hand, your page will have a poor ranking in various search engines in the event that it is not user or mobile friendly mainly because it will be hard for the user to navigate to and from your website.
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Removing Duplicate Contents – a separate mobile version of the website that is developed by the owner is actually replicating the original content from their main website in order to make it a perfect fit for their mobile version. Basically, this leads to duplicate content, which results in a decrease credibility of your website in search engines. A responsive design website for mobile version on the other hand will allow the owner to be able to create a unique content while having the chance to eliminate the challenges of having duplicate content. Reduce Investment in SEO -a responsive web design only has a single URL for both desktop as well as mobile users. This creates an easy way to crawl the URL and the content as well easily for search engines. The efforts for on-site development in desktop version is also applicable to mobile versions similar to search engine friendly content, meta tags, internal link structure and the likes. Save Costs that is Spent On Mobile Development – businesses can save time, money and effort by simply having a responsive design for website. It enables to save additional expenditures on mobile development, maintenance and support by considering a responsive design.

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