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Basics You Should Know About iCloud iCloud is an online storage and synchronization service that connects you and all your Apple devices on the go. It helps you gain access to all your personal information like documents, contacts, apps and notes on whichever Apple device you are using. Millions of people worldwide are increasingly opting for this service. Compared to other cloud storage solutions that require manual uploading or downloading of content, Apple’s cloud storage solution works automatically. Here are some basics you should know about it. Apple’s cloud storage service comes with standard 5GB of free data storage space. For those who may require more storage that the free space offered, Apple offers paid storage plans. It is highly advisable to understand the storage plans before opting for any of them. With iCloud, you can edit or create documents and then access them on any of your devices. You can easily store all your presentations, images, spreadsheets and other types of documents in the drive. Access everything you need on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and PC whenever and wherever you are. iCloud gives you the freedom to share all your photos and videos with the people you want to. In addition to storing all new videos and photos automatically, this service also allows you to invite family members and friends. They can add their own photos, comment on any of them and even share them. You can access your photo and video library from any of your Apple devices. Organizing your videos and photos is also easy with different categories like Moments, Collections and Years. All changes that are made on one device are viewable on all iOS devices.
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Everything you buy on iTunes, the App Store and iBook is automatically stored on the cloud drive to be easily accessed. You also get the chance to share purchases you have made with chosen family members. Whether you have downloaded music, copied videos from a DVD or downloaded some books, all of them can be stored and shared seamlessly. The service also enables you to have your calendar, contacts, inbox and other important details in your pocket or desktop. Any changes made on one device such as updating of contacts, adding events in calendars or canceling to-do tasks appear on all other devices.
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iCloud creates backups of all information stored every day automatically when devices are connected to Wi-Fi. You don’t have to do anything yourself. The backups made can be used to restore any device or even set up a new one. If you lost your iPhone or misplaced your iPad, this service can help you find them. Users can also access all their personal information and device features like contacts when they are away from their devices by signing in into the service website.

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