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SEO Predictions for 2016 For the most part, the year has been good for webmasters and freelance-writers who have learnt numerous antics necessary for producing SEO based content. Numerous trends came out in 2015 that had a great impact in website rankings and anyone intending to come up with content adhering to SEO rules had no choice but to follow them. Apparently, there is no indication of the coming year being less intriguing. If the signs are true, we should expect more of what was experienced in 2015 to extend to the New Year. The most common trend for the coming year would probably be use of mobile device by internet users. In the past things were a bit different. A majority of websites targeted internet users accessing the internet using computers. This narrative continued for a long time considering that computers were the pioneers of the tech revolution. Currently, there are different brands of mobile devices in the market, and a considerable number are in the hands of frequent internet users who visit their social media pages and other websites on a regular basis. Nowadays, more people prefer to use smartphones and tablets since they are readily available and cheap and because of this, we are bound to see an astronomical increase in the use of mobile devices in 2016.
A Brief History of Optimization
We should expect more innovations that reduce human interaction with internet enabled devices. With the adoption of tools that make it easy to find locations without having to ask around, and with the availability of content on the internet to promote the same, it is likely that more tools will be introduced. A couple of tools that will probably gain popularity include voice search software and online navigation tools.
What Has Changed Recently With Services?
Without a doubt, you should expect website designs to change. You should expect to see more responsive web designs that offer flexible access to web pages and easy access to content. With responsive websites, internet users will not have a problem perusing the web pages of their preferred website, and this will probably determine people’s choice. Therefore, what webmasters need to do to target this growing class of internet users is no secret anymore. It is also expected that articles will improve in quality if search engine algorithm has something to do about low quality content. The coming year will be dominated by video content. This year has seen a number of websites taking into account these platforms and the coming year we are bound to see more companies gravitating towards this antic. More trends are likely to appear in 2016, which means that how we perceive SEO in this period is completely different from how it will be in the coming year.

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