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5 Reasons To Buy Wireless Doorbells You want to take a small portion of your time to reconsider your decision if you’re considering to add new wired doorbell to your new home or existing home. These days, there are now options for wireless doorbells that have made stride in the past several years, which made them a viable alternative than its wired counterparts. Below are the top reasons why it has successfully taken the market by storm. Reason number 1. They’re practical to use – the wireless doorbell alarms can be moved to practically anywhere in your house without dealing with much rewiring. And this thing alone is already a good choice however, there are also other known versions that are weather proof. Thus, you can put alarms at the perimeter of your home without worrying that it’ll be damaged or broken due to harsh weather conditions. You can easily move your wireless doorbell with you if you are living in an apartment or renting a place.
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Reason number 2. Design options are constantly improving – in the past few years there were several concerns of customers about the design of these doorbells. Basically, that issue was a thing of the past because there are now tons of better and improved designs for wireless doorbells. Aside from that, the colours are also adaptable to various models as a way to accommodate furniture selections and existing decorations.
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Reason number 3. More competitive pricing – in most instances, one will think that the wireless versions of the doorbells are more expensive than the wired ones. On the other hand, this isn’t always the case because wireless doorbells are priced at around 5 to 10 dollars higher than wired counterparts. Reason number 4. Effective and has improved ranges – another thing of the past was the limited range of the system as well as their conflict to other wireless devices. On the other hand, now that new models are improved, it now comes with longer ranges that can reach to around a hundred feet. It additionally has multiple frequencies in an effort to remove conflicts with other types of wireless devices you have. Reason number 5. A great addition to the existing wired doorbell system – if you are living in a big home or has an attic, garage or basement, then wireless doorbell is certain to be a great add-on onto it. This can extend the range of your current wired doorbells effectively. This completely eliminates worries of missing important guests or visitors while you’re working at your basement or garage.

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