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Importance of EEDM for Small Businesses The postal services in the United States of America has introduced plenty of services over the years but none has been as beneficial to local business as the Every Door Direct Mail or EEDM service since it has allowed the business owners to reach out to plenty of prospective customers without the trouble of spending too much on advertising and promotion campaigns. For many years smaller businesses in almost all trades found it extremely difficult to market their products and services successfully since they did not have as big a marketing budget as some of the larger companies but the emergence of Every Door Direct Mail has certainly opened up a whole new world of opportunities for all the smaller firms. First and foremost, a business owner does not have to spend a single cent for using this particular form of marketing and this is perhaps the most important reason that it has caught on among so many local businesses in different parts of the country, however one should ensure that fliers are printed well so that the ones who receive it go through it with interest. The widespread usage of the internet has truly made it a viable marketing platform but e-mail marketing cannot be a substitute for Every Door Direct Mail since most of the e-mail service providers have spam filters which ensure that most of the mails related to marketing is kept out of the inbox of the recipient and that is the reason why EEDM is always preferred to e-mail marketing by most companies. The concept of Every Door Direct Mail direct mail is a new one and it has already been adopted by plenty of firms but the fact that the tool is a new one also means that there might be certain businesses who have not adopted it, which is why a competing business can get a huge advantage if it goes for EEDM.
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Most of the companies which are engaged in managing such a marketing campaigns always hire the best marketing brains in the industry so that they can turn an EEDM campaign into a success and hence it is indeed a wise decision on the part of the business owner if he delegates the task to one of these service providers.
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The concept of EEDM was first introduced by the postal service back in 2011 but as is the case with all innovations it took a fair bit of time for it to really catch on but once it did, it became extremely popular in numerous parts of the US and in this regard, it also needs to be mentioned that the remarkably low cost of running this campaign has also added to its overall popularity.

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