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20100202 – working on the car – GEDC1434 – headlight & fender now on, mostly

20100202 – working on the car – GEDC1434 – headlight & fender now on, mostly
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Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Fender and headlight and blinker now on! There was this damned horrible screw that I tried to get screwed for 10 minutes, dropping it like 10 times. Finally, Matthew declared, "I’m tired of your shenanigans", and went in and got it screwed tn in one try.

Pontiac Bonneville 1993 car, headlight.

garage, Matthew G’s house, McLean, Virginia.

February 2, 2010.

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BACKSTORY: Clint’s car came back from the body shop totaled, after hitting a deer on the way back from a party at Dirk’s. He bought a new fender ( + S/H), headlight ( + S/H), and blinker (not pictured, ), and, with GREAT HELP from his friend Matthew G, got it fixed for 0 (which includes another for bolts and bulbs at the hardware store).Meanwhile, Farmer’s Insurance paid him out 50 (they would have paid out 0 more if I’d let them keep it). Major profit! Well, right after the snow melted, his tie rod broke, and sway rod was about to break, so it was another 0 on top of that. But still: $ ~700 out, 50 in. Major profit.

Even if I could somehow gotten a car as good as mine for half of what they paid me, this was STILL the most economical route.

Let this be a lesson to people who let their insurance "total" their car, and then go out and buy a new one, pretending that they are helpless and "have" to. Or those that buy a new car because they feel the repairs are worth more than their existing car (which is fallacious financial logic anyway). To them I say, BULLPUCKEY! One more lesson that reinforces the concept that doing things the "normal" way is almost never the most perseonally advantageous way. Thank you, "Bob", for your great SLACK! I got paid to total my car! Making a million dollars every time you make a mistake is one of the definitions of SLACK, and this was pretty damnc lose.

Of course, the car immediately broke (tie rod fell out) upon it’s first post-snowpocalypse drive, incurring an additional 0 (tie rods, sway bar, towing that would have been free if my car wasn’t already totaled). Even with the additional 0 expense, I am *STILL* 00 ahead! That’ll definitely pay for more freon this summer. Amazing what going against the grain will get you these days.

Question by mad4fashion: How do I go about filing Taxes if I am paid by cash?
I am going to start getting paid for housecleaning and childcare fo a woman and her children and she will be paying me by either cash or check. I want to be able to get financial aid so I would need to have an income tax return.

How can I file for taxes?
Is it a one time thing around tax time or do I need to pay taxes everytime I get paid?
I will not get paid much, and I have a child, would I have to pay a lot of taxes?

Best answer:

Answer by la45309
If that is the way your going, take 15% of everything you make and put it in an account and at the end of the year you will have the money for your taxes, but the way it sounds you will not owe except for social security, Hope for the FairTax then you get money back every month.

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Image by Brother O’Mara

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Image by lukemontague
doing a frontflip off a wall… he got paid to do it…

Bimmer Meet
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Image by clintbarr
Taken in Dallas, Texas. Nikon D70s. I got paid for this one!

see “all sizes” for hotness=undertheradarblog listed as recommended reading on wall street journal. dude.
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Image by irina slutsky
for once, i’m speechless. and i get PAID to talk smack!

Boycott sticker, Broadway, Seattle, WA
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Image by djwudi
I don’t quite get the point of boycotting particular _employees_. Wouldn’t they get paid the same no matter what? I don’t think grocery stores pay on commission….


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