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Q&A: UNL alumni finds passion in graphic design

Peter Joback

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Q&A: UNL alumni finds passion in graphic design
“His graphics are really gorgeous, and they are artifacts, which are screen printed and considered fine art as well,” said Stacy Asher, assistant professor of art graphic design at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Kemerling's art is his … In …
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2nd Annual Inspiration Scholarship for Future Kid Tech Superstars
Kids That Code has provided over $ 8,000 in scholarships for young students to attend their courses on computer programming, game development, mobile applications, web design, and much more. “My son, Logan, inspired me to start Kids That Code while I …
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Ten facts proving Black students are/can be geniuses
A 15-year-old formed a web design and IT service provider called Bledsoe Technologies, an international corporation worth $ 3.5 million. 8. Harold Ekeh- Long Island, NY: 17-year-old who emigrated from Nigeria at age 8 and had … The words from David …
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10 Reasons Geeky Creatives Need The 'Intervention' Experience
And the duo carefully selected an eclectic mix of experienced panelists armed with vital information about comics, publishers, technology, writing, and web design. As expected, the panelists were a reflection of the convention founders: approachable …
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