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Stock Brocker’s Version of a Pay Day Loan

Stock Brocker’s Version of a Pay Day Loan
Image by danxoneil
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Question by Lyric: How do I get loans to obtain another bachelor’s degree in a different field?
I was denied loans to obtain my bachelor’s in nursing because I ALREADY have a bachelor’s in business. I need my nursing degree for the field I now want to go into, but I have to get student loans to obtain it. I have never had a student loan so why is this so difficult? Will the new stimulus package help with the student loan process?

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Answer by J812001
I am in the same situation as you. Here is what I did.

Fill out your FASFA form online ( Add all the schools that you intend to attend on your FASFA. Different schools have different deadlines to have your FASFA submitted. The earlier you submit your FASFA the better so that you can meet the deadline for all the schools. You must obey your school’s deadline not the federal deadline for your state. The school receives money from the FED and they prepare a financial aid package for all the students that meet their deadline and that are accepted. The student package consist of scholarship, Stafford and Perkin loans. This all depends on your family’s expected contribution toward your education. Whatever amount extra that you need you have to get a private student loan which is credit base. Your parents could also take a student loan on your behalf. For private student loans try Discover student loans and sallimae as. Your school should have a list of all the lenders that offers private student loans as well as a list of scholarships that you can apply for. Good Luck !!!!

If your expected family contribution is zero and you are interested in working in undeserved communities after you graduate for a free education. Check out the following link:


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Pawnbrokers and Pay Day Loans
Image by Alan Stanton
19 May 2012. 515-519, High Road, Tottenham at the corner of Bruce Grove.

Before the Tottenham Riot in August 2012 this corner was occupied by Winkworth Estate Agents.

The slogan used by Haringey is "Building Back Better". Which has a nice alliteration and sounds upbeat. Unfortunately, it raises completely unrealistic expectations about how much control or even persuasive power local Councils actually have to influence decisions taken by developers, landlords, business owners, consultants, and Mayors of London.


Of course, the social problems suggested by the prominent signs are not unique to Tottenham or London. And almost everything the UK Coalition Government does is making it worse.

§ Article by Jill Insley : Payday loans: bishop hits out at ‘sinful’ interest rates.
§ Article by Deborah Orr. The rise of payday loans replaces one debt bubble with another, nastier one.
§ Video of David Graeber talking about his book Debt: The First Five Thousand Years.
§ Noam Chomsky The people always pay.
§ Photos by Clive Carter of similar developments in the Stroud Green/Finsbury Park area.
§ Aerial view of where I took this photo.


Bread and Circuses.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has given every borough £50,000 to pay for Olympic decorations.
(“Given” meaning that Boris is returning some of our tax money.)

Starting on 6 June, we will get Olympic lamppost banners all the way down Tottenham High Road

Plus an Olympic flag at Haringey Civic Centre. And what are called "London 2012 Community Celebration packs" to decorate Council venues (these include bunting and banners).

Splendid news for the increasing numbers of people using food banks. Or those who rummage in the waste bins behind some shops and restaurants.

Let them eat banners and pay off loans with bunting!

Stuff costs more using loans – Educational Advertisement
Image by eric731
With your financial support, we are able to afford an educational advertisement in the Google Ad Network.

Educational Ads are one of our top three projects to teach debt prevention.

Romney Ryan Plan for Student Loans
Image by DonkeyHotey
Romney Ryan Plan for Student Loans. Students should be indentured to the banking system.

The flag background is from the White House website. The source image for the chain in the faux ad is a Creative Commons licensed photo from Elliott Brown’s Flickr photostream.

FSA Youth Loan Success
Image by USDAgov
Rebecca Hatcher and Jake Broadway got their first taste of the cattle business through an FSA Youth Loan.

Exterior view of the Washington Loan and Trust Company Building
Image by DC Public Library Commons
F and 9th Street, NW

December 1929

Exterior view of the Washington Loan and Trust Company Building under construction.


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