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“It’ll Cost You” – Montreal 05 87

A few nice Get Paid images I found:

“It’ll Cost You” – Montreal 05 87
Get Paid
Image by Mikey G Ottawa
I took this one on my first photo outing on the streets of downtown Montreal. By this time I had taken a few pics and got my confidence up a bit. . . . Bolder now, I didn’t wait for permission granted. I showed the camera and raised it to shoot when the shout came: "Hey! Don’t take our picture!" . . . "Click!" . . . "OK- For a dollar." . . . I already had gotten my shot. Beside, I was broke. A broke student on assignment here.
(As of March 19th, 2013 this photo, one of my most popular, has received 17,794 views! Thanks so much Good Folks All!) This is one of my most poular images. The other one is HERE:
Flickr rates these as my top 200 most interesting images HERE:

Get Paid
Image by M e d a
Am I getting paid for this mister seems to be the look on this curious child’s face. This facial expression was answer to my asking him "what is your name" :)

Get Paid
Image by Ben Bawden
Someone gets paid too much! Unfortunately it’s not me.

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