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Getting A Good Ribbing

Some cool Get Paid images:

Getting A Good Ribbing
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Image by christianyves
Fujifilm Finepix X100
f/2 @ 1/280
Velvia JPG

The X100’s sensor handles red luminance very well and doesn’t blow out the red channel in JPEGs like my D700 does so often. Shadow detail retention and the dynamic range captured by the fixed lens is superb.

The X100 JPEGs are so good I may never bother with the RAW files except for my paid client shoots! I definitely don’t miss my Canon S95 after trading up to the X100.

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Image by celesteh
24 July 2007

Nicole’s bike loaded for a short trip with Nick. She’s got 2 sleeping bags and 2 tents on the back.

the revenge of the back
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Image by bunchadogs & susan
the back gets back.
or….The Result of 20 years of Lifting Special People Feeling Omnipotent starting in my 30’s.

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