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[9] – Get Out and Shoot

A few nice Get Paid images I found:

[9] – Get Out and Shoot
Get Paid
Image by colddayforpontooning
Pay no attention to the man behind the mountain!
In remembrance of the 125th anniversary of the Roslindale Train Crash, the Bay State Model Train Museum decided to open today. It’s actually a big deal, since it’s not really a museum, it’s just a club house for the model train group. Usually they are only open for a couple hours a year, just before Christmas.
I decided that my camera phone would be best to capture whole scene (because I left all my memory cards at home).

Pay and dismay
Get Paid
Image by practicalowl
It`s Monday 11am – ish. Believe me this car park is usually full…

There has been a lot of ill feeling in my home town of Congleton for some months now all over the proposed scheme to charge for parking thoughout the town. This decision has been forced through council meeting despite mass objections from the public and from traders who have already seen the towns trade severely battered by the recent recession. There are so many shops closed down in the High Street.

Today those charges came into effect, this is the busiest carpark in Congleton,we don`t bother trying to park here usually as we never get a space especially not after 11am and with all the kids off for the half term holidays! Looks like the towns folk and shoppers decided to stay away.

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