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And you think YOU have problems…

And you think YOU have problems…
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I get paid to hook people up with the information they need to solve problems, be they academic, personal, civic, or otherwise. And reference sources are some of the most
valuable tools I’ve found to help people move further down
the path of inquiry. Most of the UW Libraries’ reference sources, whether
specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, statistical compendia, or atlases, are replete with potential for solving problems, answering questions, and inspiring more of the same.

But during a recent stroll through the reference collection, I stumbled upon this 3-volume set, the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential. That’s right, the first volume is a thousand-page list of problems. What kind of problems?

It’s a taxonomy of problems ranging from "abstract fundamental problems", "very specific problems", "emanations
of other problems", and "fuzzy exceptional problems".

A small sampling, each of which you could find a description and cross reference to various human potentials (volume 2) that could be used to address those problems:

animal road deaths
bride burning
uncoordinated global restructuring of production
broken heart
chronic boredom
civilian casualties of war
dangerous sporting activity
environmental hazards of pharmaceutical products
absence of social prowess
airline pilot fatigue
denial of the Holocaust
abusive sales techniques
welfare Keynesianism
youthful superiority
entrenched politicians
inhibited self-promotion
irresponsible radiologists
lack of accurate maps
threatened floral kingdoms

And now that you’re intrigued, it’s online too!

Question by bluelee121: How much does actresses and models get paid if it is a white person?
I want two answers. How much actresses get paid and how much models get paid. Or the salary for a person who wants to be a actress and a model.

Best answer:

Answer by ticonderoga1186
they get the same salary as purple,pink,blue,yellow,orange,red,green people u get my point. dont be so racist, if a company pays to according to your skin color or anything else like that than that is illegal and you should be able to take them to court. you get paid on how u work and what ur job is and stuff like that. its not about color.

Give your answer to this question below!

257:365 – diva cup
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sam gets paid biweekly, and somehow he mixed up the weeks so that he thought he got paid last week but really he had gotten paid the week prior, and just never picked up his check.

that means we ended up making his last check stretch over three weeks. which means we have a little bit of extra money.

so, i decided to splurge on a Diva Cup! (tmi? oh well.)

and… i stayed up 24 hours from yesterday. so, by the time we had made this purchase and ended up in a mall food court for lunch, i was really really cracked out and overwhelmed by everything.
for example, the incessant badgering sound of humans talking in a giant cavernous mall food court.
it felt like a dozen people were standing around me banging on pots as loud as they could. it was sort of a terrible idea to be there.

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We had to pay to get through the southern part of West Virginia. I think we had at least 4 toll stations and because we had a trailer we had to pay an extra 50 cents at each stop. Normally I don’t mind tax, but for some reason I hate toll roads. There aren’t really any on the west coast unless you want to go to Pebble Beach, and all that money goes to private hands.

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Got paid.
Felt like finally ordering a pizza for the first time this semester.
So I got a deal from Topper’s and shared with friends.

I went to anime club later and let me just say, it is really helping me laugh heartily and just relax every week.
I’m so glad I go.

NO more PAY-or-DIE Healthcare $ ystem!
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45 Million Americans have no healthcare. Is this the American dream?

The solution:

Please watch this excellent illustrative video on Single-payer.

Physicians for a National Health Program.

"We are tired of health insurance greed. We are tired of not getting what we pay for. We are tired of middlemen (the private insurance companies) interfering with needed care prescribed by our doctors and nurse practitioners. Private health insurers are a waste and a drain on our system and a threat to the health of our nation. We all should be getting better care.

HR 676, improved and expanded Medicare for All is the answer. Publicly funded, privately delivered care. That’s the American way!"

Words of suescannon

Please comment on this important issue.

Hella paid!
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The the tune of MILLIONS, so says the Internet rumor mill. Congrats Waxy Andy and friends, you guys rawk.


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