Taking Another Chance to Do Business Again

Sean is my boy and I will do anything and everything for him. Since he came to my life, I have become so much happier. He gave meaning to my existence. Life would have been so dull if Sean were not around. I can only imagine. While it’s true that I went through a lot of rough times, especially because my relationship with his dad was never smooth sailing, I have no regrets. That episode in my life was hard and painful but it gave me the most beautiful thing I have…my son. For that alone, I am willing to forgive Sean’s father. But this is not to say that he has apologized to me because he never did. He stopped seeing me and Sean many years ago. I could only guess where he is right now but I do not care anymore for as long as Sean is with me. I would like to believe that Sean and I are just fine. We are happy with how things are right now. Financially, we still struggle every once in a while. In fact, I needed to send ebay message about wanting to reinstate ebay account soon. I am planning to try online selling again and I think that the best way to go is to partner with eBay for the stuff that I will be selling. I did this before but it did not prosper because I did not have time to focus on it. During that time, Sean was still a baby and he needed so much of my time and attention. I guess now is a better time to do business because Sean has grown up a bit and surely, I have more time to focus in doing business. Wish me, luck!

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