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Why You Need to Upgrade to the New Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini About ten years ago it became commonplace for people to walk around with a cellular phone in their pocket. These little pocket sized devices we once thought were the pinnacle of technology have been left behind for devices so much greater than we had not so long ago. The tiny telephones our parents once told us to use “just in case of an emergency,” are now our most convenient computer. In fact, the computing power inside of most devices we carry today is greater than that of the computing power inside of the Apollo rockets that went to the moon. When we’re out shopping for our latest cellular gadget, there are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming. The list of options is getting bigger, because one more device is about to be released. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is going to be released and is slated to be the company’s latest flagship portable device. The S5 is an upgrade from the S4 Mini and Samsung is expecting many of the people that purchased the previous version to be bummed that they didn’t wait a little bit longer. Samsung has already released the full sized Galaxy S5, and this is going to a be miniaturized version of that smart phone. Although smaller than the regular S5, it is expected to have a screen just a tad larger than the S4 Mini. Even though it’s called a “Mini,” the phone will still measure in with a 4.5″ screen. It probably has something to do with the fact that the full size Samsung Galaxy S5 screen will be 5.1.” The computer power is going to be magnificent, with RAM size of 1.5 GB, the same as its predecessor. The S4 Mini has only 8 GB of internal storage, where as the new S5 Mini where have 16 GB.
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Unlike the S4 Mini, the new S5 Mini is going to likely have two brand new features previously unavailable. The first is a fingerprint scanner. The health conscious will be excited to know that the second new feature will be a heart rate monitor. Much like the previous Galaxy Mini model, this phone will have two cameras. Both the S4 and S5 Mini have rear 8 megapixel cameras, however the old version had a 1.9 MP front camera and this upgrade will have 2.1 MP.
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Unlike the previous model, the S5 Mini will be shipped from the factory using the latest KitKat operating system and TouchWiz GUI. The GS5 Mini will likely be able to download an upgraded operating system in the coming months as well. The S4 Mini is about to be rendered obsolete. It’s not that the GS4 Mini is a bad phone. However the newest versions of technology that come with the latest features always brings a certain appeal that the previous models just can’t compete with.

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