Tips to Successful CrytpoJoker Ransomware Removal

CryptoJoker is a newly released convert software that uses AES-256 encryption to encrypt data and tells the user to pay a ransom if they want to recover his or her files. If a person receives a message on their computer in English and Russian saying that their messages were encrypted, it means that the computer was also affected. Experts strongly recommend that folks read this article and learn more about the CryptoJoker rogue software before making a decision on ransomware removal.

Understanding the CryptoJoker ransomware

As most business owners should already know, most scam software is spread through infected emails. The CryptoJoker rogue software is no exception and is usually hidden in the form of a PDF file. Once in it, it downloads or generates a number of executables in the Temp and App Data folders. Then it analyzes all the drives on the computer and looks for various extensions (.txt, .xls, .docx, .pptx, .jpg, .odt, .png, .Sql, .mdb, .csv, .sln, .php, .aspx, .html, .asp, .xml, .psd, .jpeg, .pptm, .java, .pptx, .xlsb, .db, .pdf. and xlsm,). When encrypting files, it changes their extensions to “.crjoker”.

How it infects

CryptoJoker ransomware also creates a file in the Temp folder and names it “new.bat”, which is supposed to run certain commands that remove these copies and then disables the Windows autostart repair. Normally, this is done to make it impossible to use shadow volume copies to retrieve your files. Finally, CryptoJoker ransomware displays a message on your computer screen in English and Russian that says the user needs to send an e-mail to,, or if they want the instructions to find and retrieve their files.

How to avoid CryptoJoker ransomware

Users can protect their system from similar programs if they take care of protecting his or her computer. First of all, people must have a reliable antivirus and anti-malware programs (like SpyHunter or Malwarebytes installed on their system). It is crucial that folks make sure they have a regular backup of their files, so if he or she loses those files, they can be found on their backups. Obviously, people should avoid opening email attachments from unknown senders.

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