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Using the Top SEO Software Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of business promotion and marketing. It will give a company brand recognition and keep them in front of potential customers. To create a better online presence for your business you must use SEO tools. In order to do this well only the top SEO tools should be used. The information technology industry is very volatile, as are most things in the tech world. SEO tools come and go, some quicker than other. In technology only the strong survive, only the top SEO software will stay around long enough for it to spread throughout businesses. As you are reading this article the tool might have already changed, but we are going to take a look at some of the best SEO tools that are available today. These tools were all developed for a specified purpose. To check the health of website the best tool to use is SEM-Rush. This will give you the number of keywords that a site is ranked on the most widely used search engines. For websites that have a lot of inbound links but no keywords you will know that that website has been penalized. SEM-Rush will use this to create a great keyword searching tool.
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If you are only interested in free tool you will want to use Google’s page ranker, this is a free tool but it is also one of the best SEO software’s for this purpose. It is still being developed fully but is able to be used in the beta level, this tool gives the user a daily update on SEO rank and statistics. With this tool the user can input a keyword and it will show the pages of statistics from Google and other leading search engines.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Strategies
Uber Suggest is a keyword suggestion tool that is also free and is often used with Google keyword planning tools. This too is equally or more efficient than tools that do the same thing but cost a lot of money. With just a click this tool can generate up to 750 suggestions. To generate great custom reports for managers and clients you can couple this tool with a Google page ranker. Ahrefs is the industry standard when it comes to checking a URL’s backlinks. There are a couple other tools that perform the same tasks but they do not compare to Ahref when it comes to efficiency. It is one of the best if not the best SEO tool when it comes to generating inbound links, and many other tasks that deal with URL linking.

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