Image by n3pb
Comparison of legacy IP and IPv6 traffic when we discovered there was a fast Ethernet (100Mbps) in the link between us and Google for IPv6 traffic.

IPv6 is shown on top.

October 2010

Question by Ai: What is IPv6 and is it safe to run in my computer?
Going through my computer, I noticed that in my “EnhancedMySe7en” program, IPv6 is disabled. Should I leave it like that or should I allow it to run because it’s safe?

Best answer:

Answer by nicholas
IPv6 is fine, its simply a different Internet Protocol.

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Image by n3pb
Snapshot of World IPv6 Launch network operator measurments on 11 Jun 2012. (Sorted by percentage.) See www.worldipv6launch.org/measurements/

IPv6-Vortrag am 16.5.2011
Image by McNail

Image by Aldon
This is a map of my IPv6 network over Facebook

IPv6 WLAN-Einstellungen
Image by McNail
Die IPv6-Einstellungen im WLAN hier. Und scheinbar funktioniert damit Firefox und der SSL-Extenders eines grossen FW-Herstellers nicht

158 of 365 – IPv6
Image by Yogesh Mhatre
The furture is Here. The new, larger version of Internet – www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uwjt32NvVA

Today being the launch day of IPv6, I went on snapping the relevant picture to make an IPv6 collage.

2 Comments on vt-ipv6-FastE-bottleneck

  1. StrwbrryHrts
    November, 23rd 2012 at 7:40 pm

    cool graphic!

  2. Dunbar Pappy ϟϟ
    November, 23rd 2012 at 7:45 pm

    IPv6 for most folks will be noticeable as a longer IP (numerical address); extended, more as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (3 more numbers on the end).
    Not many servers and infrastructure currently support this protocol, and it’s currently being experimented with.
    Addresses under current IPv4 are running out, and the new one will be in place fairly soon.
    Note that new router purchases should conform to the upcoming IPv6 standard, to avoid obsolescence.

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