What Research About Magic Can Teach You

Use of White Magic to Break Black Magic Spells Magic, like everything else in the world has been divided into two opposite sides, there is good magic and bad magic. But in reality, there is no bad and good magic, it depends on the one that uses it whether for good reason or bad. Human’s have come up terms on how you can tell if the magic used is bad or good, we have what we call white magic and black magic. We can say that white magic is the helpful magic, that can be beneficial to people while black magic may kill or destroy everything you have. Basically, when you say magic, something came from an unknown source of energy. So when you cast a magic spell, it’s basically harnessing the energy and bends to whatever you want to get or achieve. If this energy is used to help others, automatically this will be called white magic. Karma, is the price black magic practitioners pay when casting a spell, because even casting spell does not come for free. As what Confucius said, Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you. Hex, is a magic that will transform the caster or the subject to whatever the caster wanted to do, if this happens magic shows it’s true power. This is what usually black magic does if casted, it transform the personality even the physical appearance of the target, or directing diseases and sickness too. If you have a focus for the love spell and you want that particular person to fall in love with you, the best rituals will help you become more attractive to that particular person.On the other hand, the white magic might be able to block and counter the black magic spells depending on the skill of the caster and the will of the person. The white magic caster will not direct the spell to the enemy caster but to the curse or hex the person is experiencing, then maybe put a barrier to the client or person affected by black magic so it will not come back again.
A Simple Plan: Exorcism
So in summary, black magic is not really that useful, when you can use your magic to help yourself be a better man or even help the world and people get on their feet. Black magic is very dangerous, not just to the target of the spells but also for the spell caster, so instead of damaging everything including yourself, if you can make the world a better place using magic from the unknown energy of the universe, start it by helping yourself.Why No One Talks About Exorcism Anymore

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