When Does a Hobby Become a Business?

When does a hobby cross the line into a business?  Sometimes it’s very obvious, sometimes it’s not.  For me right now my hobby is still a hobby. While I am able to sell some of the sea glass and sea pottery jewelry that I create I have yet to make a true profit. This is because of costs associated with selling the jewelry. Even though I started with sea glass and pottery I found locally there was still the cost of wire and beading and jewelry findings (chains, clasps, etc). Then there was the easy-up tent cover so that I could attend outside craft fairs. Then there was the table. The banner with my name. Business cards. Displays. All of these things cost money. Then there is the cost associated with attending the craft fair.  I try to attend local fairs that cost $40.00 or less for a table.  My jewelry isn’t to the point where I want to spend more. Leanring about which fairs to attend is also part of the hobby becoming business.  It’s a great time to talk to other crafters and see what shows they attend. You will do much better at a fair if you are selling a very unique item.  At the second craft fair I attended I could see seven other jewelry sellers from my table. I have decided that the quality of my jewelry and a unique appearance to my booth will help me sell more jewelry at craft fairs.

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