What is a Retweet? Retweet Ranking?

Sometimes when reading a message from a friend, you realize that it may be appropriate to their followers for various reasons, such as being interesting, clever or just funny. The Retweet (RT) is a feature of Twitter to help people share information quickly.

To give a RT, just move your mouse over a Tweet and Retweet click the link. Having done that, you will have shared with all of your followers that message. If you want to remove it, just move your mouse over the Retweet and click “undo”.

Recognizing Retweets in Timelines and Profiles

The Retweet is not only a great way to disseminate information via Twitter, but is also a great way to discover new and interesting content.

The Retweets are distinguished by the retweet icon next to the image author.

When you follow someone who gives a Retweet (RT), you will see the original tweet and a photo of the author’s original tweet with the name of your friend who gave RT below, alongside the credits of the author of the original message.

Where to Find Retweets: The Retweet link in your sidebar

By clicking “Retweets” on the sidebar, you’ll see what you already gave RT the Retweets made ​​by people you follow and who gave RT in their Tweets.

disabling Retweets

If you do not want to see Retweets of a particular person, just visit the profile and click the icon to disable Retweet.

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